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Hyperbaric Technician

We are looking for EMT/Paramedic/LPN (s) to join our team. Multiple positions are available, from part-time, working a minimum of 4 days a month, to full-time. Our office hours are Monday thru Friday, 0700 hours to 1530 hours, no weekends. You will receive paid training to become a Certified Hyperbaric Technician, CHT, and gain wound care experience. Additionally, you will have an option to join our 401K. This position pays $18.00 an hour.


  • EMT License or LPN License (minimum requirement)
  • Highschool diploma or equivalent
  • Clean background check and drug screen
  • Strong communication skills both oral and written
  • Team player
  • Positive and respectful attitude
  • Reliable
  • Basic computer skills for electronic health record documentation
  • Self-motivated and committed to learning a new set of skills


As a hyperbaric technician, you will be trained to safely operate the single-person, monoplace hyperbaric chamber and related equipment. You will work under the supervision of a certified technician in the center at all times. You will learn the various aspects of hyperbaric medicine including the physiology of this modality and how/why it works; the general physical laws related to pressure, and the safe application of the therapy. As a technician you will also learn the start-up and shut-down protocol and all related equipment checks. During the course of the hyperbaric treatment, you will monitor the patient at all times for their safety and will be trained on the appropriate response to safely bring them back to normal pressure. You may also be asked to perform other duties within the center as assigned. Because we are a team effort, you must be a strong team player and willing to learn and perform the assigned tasks quickly and accurately. Learning to become a certified hyperbaric technician can be a fulfilling career path that is useful almost anywhere in the country. Good technicians are in high demand so taking the opportunity to learn the craft in detail can sustain you for a long career. Come work with us!

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Are you a physician interested in a career in Hyperbaric Medicine and wound care?

Hyperbaric and Wound Care physicians tend to come from lots of different specialties and one of the many benefits of the specialty is that you don't need to spend years retraining as a resident or fellow to be an excellent physician in the field. If you have been thinking about changing careers but were too concerned about all you would need to learn, we help make the transition as easy as possible.

Some of the benefits of the specialty include:

  1. A rewarding and fulfilling practice focused on limb preservation and and improving quality of life.
  2. Pace of practice allows you to have the time to connect with your patients. You don't have to see an overwhelming number of patients to pay for your practice overhead.
  3. Excellent compensation.
  4. Weekday work hours with freedom of your evenings, nights, weekends, and holidays to do what you love to do when you are not seeing patients.
  5. An ever expanding practice on the leading edge of medicine.

With Hyperbaric Physicians of Georgia, we have taken the fear out of making the leap into the specialty by providing you a clear path and training program that allows you to quickly be autonomous yet providing total support to you as you grow your practice. By working with HPG, we will handle your credentialing, malpractice, insurance contracts, documentation software, payroll, on call service, practice accounting and many other services and benefits. This frees you up to decrease your stress levels and practice medicine because you love patient care and want to avoid all of the clutter and distraction of your current practice. Feel free to call me if you'd like to discuss a career or even part time hours in Hyperbaric Medicine and wound care.

David Schwegman, M.D. - (404) 788-7708

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