HyperbaricChamber Benefits

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Hyperbaric Chamber Benefits

The tissues of your body need oxygen to function. This oxygen is usually carried throughout the body by red blood cells. When tissues are injured, they require more oxygen to survive and to heal. Since the amount of oxygen that can be carried by red blood cells is limited, hyperbaric oxygen therapy allows the plasma of your blood to carry the much-needed oxygen to your injured tissues.

By placing the body under pressure while breathing 100% oxygen, the plasma becomes super-saturated with oxygen. The plasma then becomes the conduit for oxygen transport to tissues that are compromised by direct trauma, radiation from cancer therapy, swelling or edema, and diabetic vascular disease, among other causes. Under hyperbaric conditions, tissues become hyperoxic (higher than normal levels of oxygen)

When you are not in the hyperbaric environment, the tissues that are injured are hypoxic (lower than normal levels of oxygen). This large change in tissue oxygen tensions promotes the growth of new blood vessels into these hypoxic tissues, called neovascularization.

  • Increases White Blood Cell Creation
  • Reduces Healing Time for Injured Tissues

  • Stimulates Release of Stem Cells

  • Reduces Body’s Inflammatory Responses

  • Improves Quality of Life in Patients

  • No Downtime after HBOT Chamber Session

  • Most Conditions Covered by Insurance

How a Hyperbaric Chamber Works

Exposure to HBOT also stimulates the release of stem cells from bone marrow. These stem cells target injured tissue and start the repair process. When they target tissues that do not have a good blood supply, they make new blood vessels, this is called vasculogenesis.

White blood cells help to kill bacteria. In order to make superoxide radicals that kill bacteria, large amounts of oxygen are needed. Tissues that do not have a good blood supply cannot provide the levels of oxygen needed for efficient bacterial killing. Hyperbaric oxygen provides the needed oxygen to maximize the effectiveness of the body's own defense mechanism to kill invading bacteria.

Hyperbaric oxygen has also been shown to reduce the body’s inflammatory response. This is vital to the survival of transplanted flaps and skin grafts. When reconstructive surgery is performed

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