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Treatment protocols are established by the hyperbaric physician. Oxygen, when breathed under 2-3 times the normal atmospheric pressure, converts into a potent medical grade drug. Besides the beneficial effects that have been discussed, hyperbaric oxygen can also produce noticeable toxic effects if administered indiscriminately. Safe, time/dose limits have been established for hyperbaric oxygen exposure and these limitations form the basis for today’s treatment protocols.

Diseases & Treatments


Problem wounds are those which fail to respond to established medical and surgical management. Such wounds usually develop in compromised hosts with multiple local and systemic factors contributing to inhibition of tissue repair.

Delayed Radiation Injury

Radiation side effects are generally divided into two categories. First, there are those that happen during or just after the treatment, called acute reactions. Second, there are those that happen months or even years after the treatment, called chronic complications.


Osteomyelitis is an infection of the bone. Refractory osteomyelitis is a bone infection which has not responded to appropriate treatment. Hyperbaric oxygen increases the oxygen concentration in infected tissues, including bone.

Benefits of Hyperbarics


An increase in the distance which oxygen diffuses from functional capillaries into hypo perfused wounds.


Rapidly dissociates carbon monoxide molecules from hemoglobin and dramatically increases amounts of physically dissolved oxygen.


Early utilization of hyperbaric oxygen reduces the reperfusion injury that is the cause of much of the damage.


Vasoconstriction and a subsequent decrease in tissue edema resulting from crush injury and compartment syndrome.


Recent research has demonstrated that hyperbaric oxygen mobilizes stem cells, which then target injured areas.

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