Delayed Radiation Injury

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Hyperbaric Oxygen for Chemo Radition Recovery

Modern cancer treatment protocols include radiation in over 50% of cases. This has had the positive effect of increasing survival. Some of these survivors will experience the late effects of radiation. These delayed effects impact the surrounding normal tissue and become evident months to years after the treatment protocols are over.

Radiation injury to these normal tissues results in cell death, damage to blood vessels in the irradiated field, a depletion of stem cells that promote normal healing, and the buildup of fibrotic tissue. The decreased blood supply and increasing hypoxia make surgery in these areas challenging. The soft tissues such as bowel and bladder are more prone to bleeding and in many instances, cause a significant negative impact on a patient’s quality of life.

Delayed Radiation Injury Treatment

Multiple studies have shown the benefit of hyperbaric oxygen therapy in helping to heal the damage from curative radiation therapy in the pelvic region, in the head and neck, in the lower extremity for skin cancer, and breast cancer survivors.

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