What Can Patients Do Inside A Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Chamber?

//What Can Patients Do Inside A Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Chamber?
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Hyperbaric oxygen therapy requires you to spend an extended period of time inside the therapy chamber to get the full benefit. Of course, while you are there you may want something to do to pass the time.

That’s understandable, so in this blog post, we will discuss a few things you can and can’t do to help make the treatment a more pleasant experience.

What Can You Do In An Oxygen Therapy Chamber?

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy is performed in either a monoplace hyperbaric chamber where a single individual is treated at one time or a multiplace hyperbaric chamber where patients are treated simultaneously.

A typical therapy session lasts about two hours, and sometimes longer depending on the condition. That span of time is about as long as a flight! Here is a list of potential things you could do to help pass the time depending on the type of hyperbaric chamber you are in:

  • Bring a book or magazine to read in the chamber (multiplace chamber only)
  • Bring a sudoku book or other puzzle book (multiplace chamber only)
  • Playing cards to use with other patients (multiplace chamber only)
  • Watch a movie on provided equipment
  • Listen to music on the audio system
  • Catch up on your favorite tv series
  • Take a long nap and catch up on much-needed rest

Of course, this isn’t an exhaustive list, but it should help you come up with things you can do to make hyperbaric oxygen therapy a more comfortable experience. Before bringing anything to the hyperbaric chamber it’s important to understand what you shouldn’t bring for your therapy session.

What You Can’t Do Or Bring To Your HBOT Session?

Due to the high atmospheric pressure and oxygen levels inside the hyperbaric chamber, certain items are prohibited. Don’t bring flammable material into the chamber (matches, lighters, newspapers, cigarettes)

  • Synthetic materials (nylon, rayon, etc)
  • Oil based or petroleum products (this includes lipstick, hairspray, hair gels, mousse, lotions, creams, nail polish, etc.)
  • Electronic items (anything with a battery such as cell phones, fitness trackers, watches and hearing aids)
  • Food isn’t allowed
  • Hot pads for local pain

In view of all these rules, the procedure can sound like an incredibly tiresome experience. However, if you follow a few key tips, you might even find hyperbaric oxygen therapy to be a relaxing and enjoyable experience.

A Few Tips To Keep In Mind

Eat Beforehand

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy treatment takes a couple of hours. Since food isn’t allowed inside the hyperbaric chamber, it’s a good idea to make sure you’ve had enough to eat beforehand.

What To Wear Inside A Hyperbaric Chamber | Accessories and Valuables

You will be given special cotton clothing to wear inside the hyperbaric chamber so it’s advisable that you wear clothes you can easily change out of. Make sure you leave valuables at home so you don’t have to worry about keeping them safe when you arrive at the center. If you wear contact lenses, bring your lens case with you to remove the lenses before the procedure. If you have prescription eyeglasses it’s better to wear those instead. Although you will be provided with a locker at the treatment center to keep your personable items, it’s better to keep your valuables at home for your own peace of mind.

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During this pandemic, we will try and minimize risks to patients and staff. Guidance changes frequently, so we may need to change our recommendations over time.

We ask that all patients come into the office wearing a mask. Masks may be removed at the instruction of the staff for hyperbaric oxygen therapy.

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